Daily Prompt: Pleased

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Daily Prompt: Pleased

Pleased to be home, pleased to be in the comforts of my own home, with all of it’s unfinished projects, cleaning, work to do, I am SO pleased to come home to my dog who loves me, and my husband who also truly missed me, then finally, my much anticipated first delivery of Fix Stitch, a personally stylized 5 piece coordinated wardrobe based on information given as to my needs, and body type.

I am surprised and happy with the end result, and love the jacket, and knot necklace that perfectly fits the wardrobe, and many other items I already own, and amazingly it is less than 200.00 for the 5 pieces, and nice quality items, I received a mult-icolor fit and flare skirt, with this season’s baby blue color, and a grey heathered soft patch elbow blazer/jacket,  as well as a grey/honey bi-colored blouse/top, and a beautiful berry colored comfy, sleeveless dress that coordinates well with other pieces I have, I am 100% satisfied with price quality and service of the stylist chosen.

So I am 100% pleased with the gifts of coming home,  and now I am fashionably ready for the holiday weekend.

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Well, if everything is meaningless then why get up in the morning?  Why should we ever leave our safe, cozy, and warm bed to go outside and face this new day?  Instead of feeling guilty about sitting around in my PJ’s all day, not bothering to dress, or even wash face, comb hair, dare I say even brush my teeth,  well why should I?  It is all meaningless!?

Well then now I understand why I see people walking around in their pajama’s and hair uncombed, looking like they just rolled out of bed, at least they did that, so they could venture into the world for the rest of us to see them, looking so “I don’t care” because it doesn’t mean anything anyway.

So, maybe it is me then, because when I look at them, it means something to me…..maybe it was a f— it kind of day for them, or just in a hurry, had emergency situation, house was on fire?  I go through all kinds of rituals and time wasters daily just to get out the door, when I don’t have to go to work, and I have no plans to leave the house, I am quite hideous…..amazing how much different I am when just hanging at home.

It can’t be meaningless though…..we feel a certain way by what we see, don’t we?  If I look good, I feel good, if I get my hair cut/colored, and have a manicure, I feel like……something!  When someone looks at me afterwards they usually complement me, or smile as I pass them, treat me well, as in opening door for me, making conversation, all of this is meaningful, it means I left an impression.

These activities of daily living are just one area of our lives that has meaning.  I am a nurse, as one I have assisted, educated, and guided others in their activities of daily living, they are an important aspect in the hierarchy of needs, basic necessities of life, gives life meaning, makes us feel better, even gives us hope, we feel better, things will be better….let me go out there and make a difference, everyday, if even just for myself, perhaps someone else, I made them smile, I took the time to make them feel important, significant.

Meaningless?  Nothing is meaningless, even in death, this also has meaning.   If you believe death is not the end, but just a change from your physical self…….everything has meaning, maybe I make too much of some things, but I’d rather do that than do nothing, even doing nothing has meaning though, and it does have ramifications.

Do what feels right, and correct for you, nothing is meaningless, everything is going to have an effect on someone, or something.  “Just do it until the doing gets done”, as it has been said.  There is always something to do, we just have to feel it is important enough to do it….everything, even getting dressed in the morning,  and having faith….that is meaningful to me.

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It Has Been Such a Long Time For Me.


I continue to love fashion, and enjoy dressing especially for special events, recently my niece graduated from college, and I was able to wear a few of my newer outfits.  The skirt and top I wore to her pinning ceremony was nice for the cool, rainy weather, and comfortable, I wore kitten heels, could walk in them. My feet were killing me by the end of the night!  The graduation ceremony was outdoors, luckily the weather was beautiful, we had sunshine, and a nice breeze, I wore kitten heels also, navy blue, with my “Lily White” navy, multi-color dress, it had a slip underneath it, crawled up all evening, basically useless.  I realize now my legs aren’t used to being bare, and I feel uncomfortable in knee length skirts or dresses.  I imagined I would look fabulous, and feel great, but instead I felt like I can’t wait to get home and take off this slip, and my earring (ear crawler) was causing me pain,  as beautiful as it was, I began to get a headache after 1/2 hour. I was chilly after sunset, and my legs were bare!  Driving home my slip was around my waist, and my dress was short, so sitting in car my legs were cold, turned on seat warmer, and heat.  I was very happy to release my breasts from the most comfy bra I chose for that event, navy blue Genie Milano bra, more cozy than the traditional bras I own, and the Spanz hip and thigh/belly smoother I wore was slimming, but NOT comfortable after eating, and the slip just enjoyed more sliding ease with Spanx panty on.

I did come to the conclusion that I can’t dress the way I imagine I’d like to look, because in reality, I am older, and not as slim, firm, and smooth as I used to be, and my feet hurt because of the past foot surgery, and I am not used to wearing REAL heels, I usually wore sneakers, or driving-type shoes. Another very important fact is, I am not/was not the center of attraction for these events I attended, it was about my beautiful niece receiving her nursing pin, and graduating from college.  She and I did go shopping for her dresses, we picked beautiful things. She did get her nails/toes done,  and she got a Mystic spray tan as well.  All of the things I would do for myself, I did for her, with great pleasure.  Of course she looked beautiful, and I am so proud of her.  But today I am sitting in my robe and slippers, feeling very comfy.  I guess I am just a fashionista in a bathrobe lifestyle by habit. I feel good…but I will go enjoy my whirlpool tub, and pamper myself after a long, and busy few weeks of making my niece’s graduation time special.  She and her boyfriend will be spending a few days at Grand Cascades, Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon this weekend, to relax before she starts studying for her NCLEX exam.  I know she will enjoy her trip, and I am happy to give her this gift. “Auntie” Robyn, you’re awesome.  “Because I’m happy!”

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Pour Some Sugar on Me…

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Pour Some Sugar on Me…

Carrot Cake!  homemade, full of raisins, and shredded carrots.  Cream cheese icing, of course.

New York style cheese cake, with pineapple, or blueberries, and some whipped cream.

Tartufo…..yummy!  One of my most favorite dessets when I go out to eat.

Pumpkin Pie…with whipped cream, spicy tasting, not bland, and watery.

Ice cream, mint chocolate chip, and cherry vanilla, real vanilla, or french vanilla.

Yes, I love sugary sweets.  Some times I get the urge for the sweets of my childhood, like Twinkies, Devil Dogs, and Snowballs,  the pink ones!  Ring Dings are great too, but all of them are so bad for your health.

My house doesn’t have any of this stuff in it, for a good reason.  I’d eat it!

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What are your flaws?

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