What are your flaws?

Why is it so easy for us/me to be able to list the flaws I possess?  I have many, crooked smile, crooked teeth, bowl-legged, big nose, critical of self, and I think too much about stuff that doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

Overly worried about things that might happen, or could happen, but they haven’t happened yet.  My feelings of inadequacy, about what I do, or don’t do, if I know how to do all the things I’m supposed to do.  Did I do it right?

Voices inside my head telling me, I’m not good enough, you’re unable to “meet the demands” you put on myself, or feel others are placing on me.  People don’t like me,  and they say negative things about you behind your back, and then smile in your face, and act like they like you, when they don’t.  It’s all competition…  Others trying to make themselves look better, and you look bad.  “See, I’m the best, she’s not so great.”

These are the thoughts that go through my head, these are flaws in my character…..why am I jaded?  Why do I believe these things?

Can I change my thoughts?  I try to have positive thoughts, and reinforce positivity through reading, or having others tell me about their perspective on issues I  seem to believe, and struggle with.

Maybe you can give me your thoughts about some of the flaws I have?  Maybe my past experiences have caused me to believe this is true, but I also know that there are good people, and good things that are true about me.  It seems that many people are so quick to criticize, and voice their opinions about others, instead of looking closer, or maybe realizing not everyone has the same agenda, or beliefs as them.  I believe that as well, but yet my mind is constantly sending messages.

I say I don’t care what others think about me, or if they even “like” me, and if they don’t, it’s because they don’t know me.  Some times I even feel that my husband, and family don’t like me either!






About rsrwrn2014

Married, RN x 30+ years, fashion in a bathrobe lifestyle resulted from my lifestyle outside of work. Although I love fashion, beauty, and all things style related, the major portion of my days don't allow for fashion/style. I wear nursing uniforms, and sneakers mostly. I love make-up, clothes, hairstyles/color so much......I'm a frustrated fashionista. I blog to talk about my thoughts on being fashionable, and I find pleasure in all things that are designed to make us feel more beautiful.
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