If You Could Split Your Time Between Two Places, Which Would They Be?

If I could do this I would like to spend my time during the summer in the Pocono’s in Pennsylvania, either at my sister’s house, or at Mount Haven Resort, in Milford, PA.  Neither are especially decadent, but it’s the scenery, and atmosphere, that is why I choose Pennsylvania.  So much to do, lots of woods, lakes, waterfalls, places to swim, eat out, relax around a fire…..beautiful.  Mount Haven Resort is family owned, has great food, nice accommodations, and also has jacuzzi tubs in some rooms, fire pits outside each of their cottages, and basically, has all I need to relax.

The second place I would spend my time is in Florida.  Probably close to Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, although Orlando is beautiful too.  I’d bask in the sun at poolside, or go to the beach, go out to just watch the ships at the marina come and go.  I’m all about the sunshine, water, and enjoying life.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that affects many during the colder, darker winter months.  I definately have this.  I would love to live in a warmer climate, and although I would miss the beauty of  the winter season, I wouldn’t miss the snow storms, shoveling,  and trying to get to work in wintery conditions,  also constantly being cold….. I love a fire place though.  The limited outings, not getting together with friends, and family, all of this is depressing.

Yes, this this is what I would love to do.  BUT…nobody mentioned the work aspect of living between two places.  I could always find  work in Florida, well, that kills the basking in the sun, and hanging around the marina’s portion of time.  When living in Pennsylvania, most travel some distance for work, so that takes a big chunk of time out of your enjoyment of the area 40 + hours a week.    You gotta sleep, and work.

The reality is, no matter where you live, and as beautiful as the area is you chose to live in, as long as you’re working, you’re not able to enjoy what is right under your nose, as much as you hope to.  I’ve asked those who live in these areas, and many don’t even go to the beach, even with one right outside their door.  My sister lives in a community with 3-4 lakes,  swimming pools, and activities. including hiking trails,  she has never used any of them, except when I visit, we went to the beach near her house once, had a awesome day….planned to go back, haven’t been back since, work/responsibilities happen.

What we need is money, and retirement, with good health as well, so that we can enjoy our retirement, and/or money, so we can stop working now, and start living the life we really want.  For me, anyway, but what fun is it without your friends and family to share it with?  It’s a tangled web.





About rsrwrn2014

Married, RN x 30+ years, fashion in a bathrobe lifestyle resulted from my lifestyle outside of work. Although I love fashion, beauty, and all things style related, the major portion of my days don't allow for fashion/style. I wear nursing uniforms, and sneakers mostly. I love make-up, clothes, hairstyles/color so much......I'm a frustrated fashionista. I blog to talk about my thoughts on being fashionable, and I find pleasure in all things that are designed to make us feel more beautiful.
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