“You’re Locked in a Room With Your Greatest Fear”…..

DSCF0290In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”

Well, as you can see, one of my greatest fears is spiders.

If I am locked in a room with a spider of this size I am sure I would keep the lights on, then find myself a weapon, or two, and wait until it shows it’s head, then WHAM!  I would only be relieved if the spider is totally mashed, and not moving at all.  Of course, I still want to get out of there, because where there is one, so there will be more.

I am convinced that fear creates anxiety, and as that anxiety increases the likelihood of physical symptoms, as in  the”fight or flight ” response, will appear.  So comes the violence, because I can’t escape……why?  It’s only a spider, it doesn’t want to hurt me.

Maybe if I just let it go about it’s business, and it doesn’t touch me, I can let it live.  Depending on how long I have to be locked in the same room with it……..because sooner or later, I’ll become weary from vigilance, and, for me to sleep, I’d have to know that the danger is eliminated.  Either I’m out of there, or it is gone, however that goes down.

Am I a bad person because I would kill a spider?


About rsrwrn2014

Married, RN x 30+ years, fashion in a bathrobe lifestyle resulted from my lifestyle outside of work. Although I love fashion, beauty, and all things style related, the major portion of my days don't allow for fashion/style. I wear nursing uniforms, and sneakers mostly. I love make-up, clothes, hairstyles/color so much......I'm a frustrated fashionista. I blog to talk about my thoughts on being fashionable, and I find pleasure in all things that are designed to make us feel more beautiful.
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