In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

Where do you go when you need to relax and de-stress from the   daily grind of go-go-go?  I go to the water.  Being near the water, either by a lake, or the ocean, always brings calm, and allows me to be in “the now”.

Being able to just get to that place, known as “the now” is a state many people have difficulty getting to, and remaining in. once you’re there.  Getting there, and remaining is learned by practice,  and you can go just about any place, and experience the calm sensation that just being there brings, being in the present.  The past is forgotten, the future is not a concern, for right now, right here, is what matters…you choose it, and just be there.

For me, as I mentioned, that place is the water.  Our lake is private, we have a rowboat, and a dock, if you prefer to just sit on a lawn chair and watch the ducks, or swans, they often stop by for snacks.  The waterlilies, and trees are beautiful here.  John and our friend Winky took the boat out yesterday, rowing and casting their lines, as I sat on the dock and watched, it was a beautiful day, and I was able to just sit there and bask in the sun with my dog.

The ocean is another great place, it doesn’t matter where, Ocean City Maryland beaches, or the Jersey shore, especially Long Beach Island, or Point Pleasant beaches.  I can sit by the marina and watch the ships come in, or watch the fsherman bring in there catch, at the shore line, or at the inlet in OCMD.

Sitting on the sand, near the ocean waves, watching the seagulls, or little kids playing, or reading a book, I get lost in time, and life is good.

The weather is changing now though,  and autumn leaves are falling, it’s getting chilly-ish in the evening.   I turn to the warmth of a fire.  In the colder months it is fire that takes me to my happy place.  Whether a fireplace, or wood burning stove indoors, or sitting around our outdoor fire pit.  There is nothing better than a roaring fire to melt your stress away.  Watching the flames dance, and sitting nearby,  feeling the warmth radiate into your body…… the sunshine does in the warmer weather, and the roar of the ocean calms, as the sun shines down,  and as you glide in your row 620878_366990780053562_1444963402_o 11145040_1158104284204418_5723496686131504252_n (3)boat among the lake’s water lilies, and ducks.  Just sitting in my beach chair at the shore, close to the waves,  feeling my toes get wet, as the waves roll in and out……Life is good.  I’m there, in my happy place.

Thank you God, for all the good things in my life, and allowing me to have this life.  I’m grateful, and I am; because of these thoughts, in the now, and because of that, I am in my happy place.


About rsrwrn2014

Married, RN x 30+ years, fashion in a bathrobe lifestyle resulted from my lifestyle outside of work. Although I love fashion, beauty, and all things style related, the major portion of my days don't allow for fashion/style. I wear nursing uniforms, and sneakers mostly. I love make-up, clothes, hairstyles/color so much......I'm a frustrated fashionista. I blog to talk about my thoughts on being fashionable, and I find pleasure in all things that are designed to make us feel more beautiful.
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