The Bathrobe and Nightgown Lifestyle I love/Hate.

I recently accepted a night shift position, four nights, eight hours each.  My schedule is not so horrible, as I will have 2-3 days in a row off to recuperate from the sleeping by day, working by night rountine.  Of course, now I come home from work, eat something with my hubby, and go to bed about 9 AM until 4-5 PM.  I am still tired when I awaken from my quasi-sleep.  I have a cup of decaf coffeee, or tea, and return to bed to lounge around for awhile, reading, or watching TV.  I try to eat a decent meal, protein based.  I shower about 8:30 PM, and get dressed/makeup…out the door by 10 PM.

I am off this weekend, I slept all day, so basically one day of my time off is gone…’s 2 PM, and I am still not dressed, I had to put on sweats to walk my dog, he’s a sweetie pie, and I couldn’t torture him just because I’m a lazy crabass, and don’t want to go through the trouble of dressing for the day.  Coffee first, of course.

Perhaps I will bask in the luxury of time off, alone presently because my hubby went fishing, he will return this evening.  I will cook, prepare homemade spaghetti sauce, and we will have pasta, salad, and I’ll pick up some italian bread, and we’ll have red wine, biscotti and coffee, or tea (decaf) for dessert….Lovely, I say.  I intend to fill my whirlpool tube with bubbles, and lavender epsom salts,  then take myself a relaxing tubbie….with a cup of Vanilla Creme Brulee, and some Stella Doro Breakfast Treats!

I had to go downstairs and hit the well pump with our “well beater” stick….sometimes the pump doesn’t turn on… water for shower, or tub, or sink….to make pasta.  It worked, so now I can go on with my afternoon.  Sort laundry, change sheets, vacuum and dust upstairs, iron my work clothes for the week, as I suppose I will be working more than 4 days, and it’s my weekend on, Friday until Monday night….yes, 4 nights on, but the next weekend I am off 3 days in a row, so take the good with the bad, and “one day at a time” works for me…I look forward to my time off, and schedule nice events every few months to keep me motivated.  John and I are scheduled to travel to the Catskills in New York State for 10/31 weekend, this is a birthday gift I postponed in July for John, because he was a busy fishing man, and he requested we hold off, it’s HIS birthday gift, afterall.  So, Honor’s Haven Resort is the weekend place, sounds nice, indoor pool, jacuzzi and spa, meal plan that includes breakfast, and dinner.  There is a stocked fishing lake on the resort grounds, and the leaves are turning nicely this time of year.  We have all the ingredients for a nice weekend, John and I, wine, food, fishing, with rental boats, and a fireplace/bar/lounge.  It’s Halloween night too! I have Halloween pajamas, I’ll take those!  And some candy to hand out to the kids who will be there as well, good ideas.

This picture of me, sitting on my deck, with Itty Bitty, is my usual day time attire….my fashionista life is not realized when I’m at home, I walk around in my PJs all day, sit on the deck in my robe, and when I walk my dog, I’m wearing some throw on items, slippers, or old sneakers, and my hair is still “bed head”, no makeup…I wear sunglasses, usually my designated “back yard” sunglasses, and walk  Sir Itty Bitty down the street, people honk, or stop to talk to me usually…….ugh!  It remains a struggle, because I’m going nowhere when I’m home, right?


About rsrwrn2014

Married, RN x 30+ years, fashion in a bathrobe lifestyle resulted from my lifestyle outside of work. Although I love fashion, beauty, and all things style related, the major portion of my days don't allow for fashion/style. I wear nursing uniforms, and sneakers mostly. I love make-up, clothes, hairstyles/color so much......I'm a frustrated fashionista. I blog to talk about my thoughts on being fashionable, and I find pleasure in all things that are designed to make us feel more beautiful.
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